‘I will battle to the death for every last piece of inflammatory rhetoric’ – Davidson

Scottish Tory Party leader Ruth Davidson has denied using “warlike” language in recent attacks on the SNP and Scottish Labour, claiming ‘the aggressive verbal skirmishing of essentially subversive political elements” would be “utterly crushed beneath the tracks of our heavy  political machinery.”

An upsurge in support for the Conservatives in Scotland was, she said, “a kind of blitzkreig” in the political history of the country, which would see “the annihilation of our enemies in the face of our far greater firepower, battling spirit, and the mental discipline inculcated by the physical training sessions led by Annabel Goudie, especially the early morning assault course sessions .”

“I utterly reject the vicious attacks, the hideous assertions of militarism which are clearly a form of bias against someone like myself, who once reached the rank of mess sergeant in the Territorial army, that proud group of soldiers in the eternal fight for destiny and the big jaggy volunteer hammer in the clenched fist of  our armed forces.”

Ms Davidson, a former child reporter at the BBC and expert in the little known Fife martial art of Neuk, poured scorn on the critics she called “wimpish grammatical losers in what is a war for the very future of political discourse.”

She added:

“I’m not bothered, as as the skinheads I was brought up with would say, bovvered. To quote Napoleon ‘never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.’ Or she, or them. The future is ours, we are marching with history to victory and very possibly beyond. The Union will triumph, and that’s with a capital ‘U’, by the way.”


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