Scottish Naturist Partnership in initial tussle with SNP: ‘discrimination’ claim

The Scottish Naturist Partnership, the main formal representative grouping of nudists in Scotland, is demanding what it calls ‘parity’ at the forthcoming Scottish National Party conference in Aberdeen, and claims naturists are being discriminated against by the party.

“We have even been the recipient of legal missives attempting to prevent the partnership from using the initials ‘SNP’,” said Chairperson Richard McWilliams, “which seems like naked bullying.”

Attempts by the group to obtain a stand in the conference’s exhibitionism space have been rebuffed, Scottish National Party (SNP) sources indicated, though no official response to the Scottish Naturist Partnership (SNP) complaint was forthcoming.

“We have been refused, but with no reason given. They seem to imagine that we would man – and woman – our stall while naked,” said Mr McWilliams. “Which of course is unthinkable in a public concourse where offence may be caused. The SNP (Partnership) has for many years deployed what we call ‘parade aprons’ front and rear at such events in order to  indicate our status while staying within the bounds of what is laughably termed public decency.”

It is believed there is now, following the recent upsurge in membership, a significant number of naturists within the SNP ranks, and the annual conference’s legendary ‘unclothed corridor race’, an informal late night event much favoured by MPs and MSPs, which takes place in the main conference hotel, is seen by many as illustrating the need for greater naturist representation.

“I just think some in the leadership are frightened of their bodies,” said Mr Mcwilliams, who under pressure, admitted to being a lifelong member of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, a well-known hotbed of politicised nakedness. “The Tories have had a naturist section for years, including a few cabinet ministers, and Labour’s nudist wing goes all the way back to the  Bloomsbury Group and Maynard Keynes, or it may have been Keir Hardie, I forget.”

A spokesman for the SN (National) P’s venue, the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, said that the building’s heating was not an issue.

“We are proud of our comfort levels in every hall,” she said. “Goosepimples have never been an issue, but the final decision on who is able to exhibit at the conference is naturally one for the organisers.”


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