Woman denies claims she called for First Minister’s ‘execution’ …but consumption by lynx ‘a thought’

Claims that she called for the head of Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, to be chopped off for treachery have been denied by newspaper columnist Allison Pearson, amid accusations that she has been  ‘libelled’ on social media.

It has now emerged that “being eaten by a lynx” may be the fate preferred for Ms Sturgeon, at least by Ms Pearson’s domestic partner.

Sources at the Daily Telegraph, which published the now-notorious column, blamed “our newly installed automated sub-editing algorithm ” for concocting the headline (subsequently changed online) ‘Nicola Sturgeon is a liar and a traitor – off with her head’ (see above).

“Clearly, our boffins need to alter the settings on our subbing software” said the Telegraph source. “It’s programmed to produce headlines that reflect the overall values of the Telegraph brand, and anomalies can occasionally creep in. All Allison did was viciously and personally insult the Scottish First Minister. Our readers appreciate this kind of thing.”

Friends of Ms Pearson, who claims to be Welsh and once wrote a biography of the weather forecaster Siân Lloyd called I Don’t Know How She Does It ( later made into a film starring Meryl Streep), defended her as “having been badly traumatised by years of TV appearances with Tony Parsons and Tom Paulin, very late at night.”

However, evidence has emerged from a 2015 Telegraph column, apparently written almost entirely by Ms Pearson herself, that Ms Sturgeon’s consumption by a lynx may be a preferred option in the Pearson household. Or at least, as she writes, “it’s a thought”.Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 10.48.16

There has been talk of reintroducing the  lynx, a type of large feline creature which gave its name to a variety of deodorant much favoured by Tory politicians and many Telegraph readers, to the Scottish Highlands. Green Party activist and wildlife spokesperson   Gareth Huntley-Palmer said it was “most unlikely” that a lynx would attack a human being, or even a politician.

“They prefer journalists,” he said.


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