The Problem with Democracy

The problem with democracy

There’s always a majority

of the easily led

And the brain dead

I wonder if it might be best

To have some kind of  intelligence test

It’s just a thought

Which is more than some voters have got

This ship’s in a state

Mainly crewed by  fools

Happily sinking

Without thinking

Stupid is as stupid does

And stupid because

Of inflammation

Not information


And confusion

Emotion attacks

Indigestible facts

It may be reductive

But it’s seductive

So let’s have explanation

And perhaps

A compulsory examination:

First, and with no apology

Spell ‘psephology’

Second, and don’t refer to notes

Explain Single Transferable Vote

Third, if independence is best

Who’ll fund a Scottish NHS?

Or if union with England is the better story

Can you face forever being ruled by Tories?

Write your answers, keep it neat

No Snapchat, Facebooking or Tweets

Block capitals I suppose will do

If joined-up writing’s not for you

Clarity and precision, please

A chance is here for you to seize

Use a pen that’s filled with ink

All you have to do is



(Copyright Zander Flaws, 2017)


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